[Monk] 2.4.3 Inna EP/Mystic Ally Build

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Sun, 01/08/2017 - 08:46 #1

copy/improve since it was never using epiphany, I don't use EP at all in this build FYI...

Monk speeds GR50+
This bot runs GR50 in 4 mins. Higher difficulty can be done but without fastmode.
I also have the top gear available. Here's an exemple

-Inna 6 piece bonus:

-Helm, gloves, chest, belt, pants and weapon. Avoid the boots, there are very strong boots that synergize with Inna 6 piece

-Crudest Boots: Literally double damage from double allies.
-Jewelleries: Convention of elements: One of your allies always benefit from this ring.
                     Compass rose + Traveler pledge: Up to 100% damage increase and 50% damage reduction. BiS gear

-Lefebvre Soliloquy: Big damage reduction
-Bindings of the Lesser Gods: Big damage increase

Important stat: CDR
The more mystic ally activation, the faster the clear

*** CUBE ***
Fist of Az'Turasq, In-Geom (faster Rifts), Flying Dragon (Faster Greater Rifts)
Gungdo Gear, Spirit gards (more survivability) or Nemesis (faster run on lower dificulty) *Alternate

*** WARMING ***
Do NOT use Exploding palm WITHOUT Gungdo Gear!!! (Fist of Az'turrasq is recomanded but not mandatory)
You can replace it with Mantra of Conviction - Anihilation for faster runs
                                                     Salvation - Agility for survivability

*** Gems: ***
-Bane of the Stricken
-Bane of the Trapped
-Gorok of Swiftness
-(Optional) Boon of the Hoarder / Gem of Ease   for farming

*** Avoidance ***
BigGuysDetectionDistance 0
BigGuysDetectionLifeLimit 0
EliteDetectionDistance 0
EliteDetectionLifeLimit 0
MonsterDetectionDistance 0
MonsterDetectionLifeLimit 0

*** Fast run Settings ***
Scan range 40
Density Limit 12
Elite Weight 5
Warden Weight 15
Goblin Weight 15
Normal Monster Weight 1

General settings
Global Monster Distance Scan: 
Minimum life percent: 
Avoid monsters (Deprecated field): 
Avoid affixes (Deprecated field): 
Keep exploring: